Handicapable Entrepreneur – Work At Home for the Disabled

Disabled AccessAre you a disabled person or someone restricted to home for some reason or another, searching for work at home opportunities that can make you a good income?

Simply because you are physically challenged or housebound does not mean that you are unable to earn an income from the comfort of your own home. The Internet is flooded with excellent ways for the disabled or housebound folks to make money working from home. Of course, this assumes you have access to the Internet, know how to use a computer and have the ability to learn new things.

One excellent way for a disabled individual to work at home to earn unrestricted income is called affiliate marketing. This is where you advertise a product for some company, possibly a downloadable product such as computer software, training video or possibly an eBook instruction guide.

There are numerous affiliate sites around and one of the largest is called ClickBank. It has numerous affiliate members working from their residences.

The way this works is that you market a product making use of a unique member link and when somebody uses your link to purchase a product your affiliate account is credited with a percentage of the sale. This can be as much as 75 % of the purchase price, making it possible to generate some good cash this way. And you’re not restricted to marketing downloadable products either, services like auto insurance work just as well.

In fact, you can sell virtually anything if you choose to become an Amazon reseller. Yes Amazon.com will pay you a much smaller percent of whatever somebody buys using your unique ‘affiliate link’. However, Amazon has products that serve a much larger market. Naturally it’s not that simple to be an affiliate, nevertheless it’s not that hard either.

If you can devote the time and effort, and treat affiliate marketing like any other genuine job, then you most certainly will have success. There are lots of disabled people that do this type of work from home, and are making hundreds of dollars each month doing it.

This is not a quick get rich scheme, yet it is possible to learn how others are actually earning considerable incomes with this rewarding online business model. Additionally, if you are good at and enjoy writing then your chances of success are even better.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it with affiliate marketing, there are training courses available that show you how to avoid making beginner mistakes and losing money . This is an ideal means for disabled individuals to work at home making an income, and is suitable for the Handicapable entrepreneur.
A good recommended place to get started learning about Internet Marketing is: www.Internet-Marketing-School.org/

May 15, 2014


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