The Health Benefits of Adapted Bath Time

hydromassage bathtub in a cosmetological clinicThe basic benefit of bathing or showering is to improve health and physical body well being. The majority of able-bodied people do not consider taking baths and showers as being hazardous or time consuming. However, to the disabled and older people with special needs taking a bath and/or shower can be unsafe. The National Facility for Health Stated in 1987 that about 10 percent of all people over the age of 65 have trouble showering, and about 6 percent need help.

Immersing oneself in warm water is a pleasurable experience, and one of the earliest forms of healing. Research has shown that taking warm baths functions as a way to alleviate all kinds of muscle and skeletal problems, consisting of fibromyalgia, joint inflammation and minor back discomfort. Submersing oneself in a cozy warm bath soothes sore joints by reducing the effect of gravity, offering reduced stress on aching limbs, enhances circulation and decreases swelling.

Often people with impaired physical strength become worried when it comes to using a washroom. Specifically, these individuals are concerned with slipping and falling when entering and/or leaving a bath or shower. The main concern is that after a possible mishap they may not have the ability to get help. To minimize these concerns one can find a bath that is designed for the disabled with risk-free, easy access. For additional concerns there are wireless devices that can broadcast emergency support.

Baths and showers are needed to clean skin and extract built up body contaminants. They also remove dead skin, wash away waste products that can interfere with healthy functioning of the skin and avoid irritations and rashes that may lead to infection.

Bath time allows people to:

Improve health and well-being, enhance your social activity and physical appearance. It can also make you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Bathing, like other body hygiene tasks, should be regular and can be ceremonial. Some people think of bathing as sanitation of the physical body and purification of the soul. It highlights appropriately the prominent expression, “Tidiness is without a doubt second to Godliness.” People’s fascination with maintaining a clean body is popular given that lots of people take a minimum of seven baths a week.

Disabled restroom accessories:

Washrooms for the disabled have quite distinct features. These distinctions are provided to help disabled people gain better balance and aid with moving around in the restroom. Among the most useful and refreshing disability aids in showers and easy access tubs are portable shower-heads that improve the cleansing process. On top of that are seat mounts and grab bars, available as pre-installed essentials. Furthermore, combine disabled access tubs and showers are available with additional handicapable washroom accessories. These options definitely help the disabled individual maintain good health while enjoying bath time.

May 11, 2014


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